Tuesday, November 16, 2010

20 Questions

It's an amazingly sunny day today,  so I thought  I'd sit outside, kill some time and join in with these 20 Questions, courtesy of the brilliant Pip from Meet Me At Mikes, while also listening to the fantastic Freelance Whales :)

1.     Sweet or Savoury? I have a sweet tooth and very little will power.
2.     Dresses or Jeans? Dresses! It used to be jeans, but I’ve since discovered the wonders of girliness and pretty dresses.
3.     House or Apartment? While neither is on the cards for the near future, I have to say house. Hopefully somewhere near the beach, with lots of trees and sea air.
4.     Shop Online or Offline? Both. I like the hands-on approach of normal shopping, but I also love getting things in the mail, which is contributing to my growing, dangerous addiction to online shopping.
5.     DVDs or Downloads? DVDs. I much prefer having physical copies of things, so I can better admire cover art and whatnot.
6.     Cocktails or Juice? With summer coming up, I have to say juice, filled with all sorts of sweet summer fruits.
7.     Chocolate or Strawberry? Both! Who could say no to chocolate dipped strawberries, I ask you?!
8.     Laptop or PC? Laptop, because I’m currently sitting outside, which means I can smell the flowers, listen to music, and blog all at the same time!
9.     Magazines or Newspapers? Magazines…call me uncoordinated, but I can never manage newspapers. They’re too big, and the paper’s too thin, so they always end up looking like an origami boulder by the time I’m done with them.
10.   Facebook or Twitter? I have an unhealthy addiction to both.
11.   CDs or MP3s? Again, I like to buy CDs to admire the cover art close up, but I always convert them to MP3s so I can take the music with me.
12.   Kids or Pets? Pets. Not quite thinking about kids yet, haha.
13.   Macaroon or Cupcakes? Cupcakes! My experiences with macaroons have been strange thus far…
14.   Walk or Run? Walk on the beach with the dog.
15.   Breakfast in Bed or Breakfast Out? Out! There's something so novel and exciting about breakfast out.
16.   Market or Supermarket? Supermarkets thoroughly confuse me. Market for sure.
17.   Sourdough or Grainy? Grainy.
18.   Heels or Flats? Boots!...with a slight heel.
19.   Late nights or Not? I’m more of a morning person but I can never seem to avoid late nights… personally I blame the internet for that.
20.   Coffee or Tea? Hot chocolate please. With marshmallows. Pink AND white marshmallows!


  1. popped by from Mike's, love the newspaper answer..I am a bit like that too :)

  2. Haha, I know, that's why I never get past the front page.
    Thanks for stopping by! :)

  3. I so agree with the chocolate and strawberries! Here is mine - http://craftygeordi.blogspot.com/2010/11/20-questions.html