Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Five Photos. Five Facts.

So I'm playing along with 'Five Photos. Five Facts from over at Meet Me At Mikes...here goes!

1. I adore the beach. Adore it! Alas, I don't live there but I spend a lot of time there, so hopefully I will one day...sigh.
2. I'm a bit of a nerd. As in midnight-screening-of-the-last-Harry-Potter-film nerd. I also love philosophy.
3. My current favourite movie is Across the Universe. Oh how I wish I could be as creative as Julie Taymor!
4. I've recently started developing a collection of things with foxes on, e.g. necklaces, brooches, etc.
5. Music is amazing (but you all already knew that!). This year I've seen the Basement Birds, Washington, Paul Dempsey, Josh Pyke, and Cloud Control amongst others. It's been pretty rad if I do say so myself :)


  1. Hey.
    I just found your page because I posted on Sparkapolooza too. I realise this is rather late but after reading this post, I have to say hi.
    As a Harry Potter midnight screening attendee, ancient history philosophers nerd, across the universe loving, crafty, acoustic australian bands adorer and live music nut, fox fan(namely fantastic mr. fox and the crack fox) I would just like to say: you seem to have stolen my interests. Also, if you enjoy reading classic books, I may faint.

  2. Well if this isn't just my favourite comment ever!
    I must admit to being a massive Boosh fan, although the Crack Fox does creep me out quite a lot, haha.
    And I won't lie and say I read a lot of classic books, but I DO love reading! I don't suppose you're a Starkid fan? That would just be uncanny.
    Always great to talk to a kindred spirit, you kinda made my day :)