Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Random Bloggin'

Alas I have no new felt creations to share as uni has finally gone back which means less time for felting. But I felt this little old blog was getting neglected so I decided I'd just throw out some thoughts for now, to reconnect with anyone out there in blogland who might be listening!
On Saturday night some friends and I went to see Ball Park Music, Eagle and the Worm and We Say Bamboulee play at the Northcote Social Club. All the bands were great, but Ball Park in particular are lots and lots of fun, so anyone in the market for some new tunes should definitely give them a listen.
There are a fair few colourful characters in Northcote, including those pictured above, whom we nicknamed Circus Girl and Ukelele Man. They were in line behind my friend and I at the ATM and were jolly and friendly and colourful and Ukelele Man was improvising on the uke, and they kind of made my night. I'm not great at drawing people as you can tell, but I thought they were so fantastic I had to draw them anyway.
There were also some people giving out FREE HUGS at uni today and however twee or lame or unoriginal the whole free hugs idea might be nowadays, I really couldn't resist taking advantage and I have to say, the enthusiasm of the free huggers brightened my day completely.
Also it's FINDERS KEEPERS this weekend in Melbourne. I'm so very excited, someone's going to have to restrain me and my wallet.
More felt soon!

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