Monday, September 5, 2011

Cat Rabbit Fox!

Dapper, foxy gentleman and his rabbit friend.

I'm sad that the intense amount of study this semester has meant that I haven't had a chance to felt anything lately :( Although I have been able to make a few other things which I will post up here soon!
But in other, much more lovely news, I am now the very proud owner of this dashing, dapper, gentlemanly fox, created by the extra wonderful Cat Rabbit! I've blogged about Cat Rabbit before when I was given another one of her wonderful creations for my birthday. I decided that it was imperative I start a collection of creatures and so I saved my pennies and e-mailed her to ask if she would make me a fox. And not only did she make it as beautiful as can be, but she was the nicest person to correspond with via e-mail, AND she gave me free shipping AND some super-cute stickers as well! The world needs more people like that!
If you don't know her work you are now obligated to check it out, in the interest of supporting the nice people of the world :)
(In other other news, I am irrationally happy today upon discovering that I did not in fact kill my bonsai tree as I thought I had. It has new, tiny little green buds growing on it. That's not particularly important or craft related news, but I had to share...perhaps I'll post a photo of it when it has some leaves again.)

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