Friday, December 9, 2011

A Very Crochet Christmas 2

So I know Christmas was forever ago, but I thought I'd still share, because, well, who doesn't love Christmas and crochet?!
Last Christmas I made Pip Lincolne's wonderful crocheted Christmas baubles, and this Christmas I embarked on the epic task of crocheting upwards of 50 snowflakes (I dread to think how many hours that would add up to).

It was challenging, as I've never really crocheted anything other than granny squares before, but I found patterns here and here (for the largest snowflake and the one to it's right, pictured above), and even managed to make up some patterns of my own (the other three snowflakes are of my own invention, which was tricky, as I know next to nothing about crochet patterns, but I guess it goes to show how easy crochet is once you get a handle on it)!

I also made some red ones, which I gifted to Red Stitch, the theatre who were kind enough to have me on board as an intern this year... well as stringing some up on bit of red ribbon to create a garland. 

And I have plenty more Christmas craft where that came from! Apologies to those who dislike unseasonal Christmas talk, but I shall return to normal craft as I rediscover my ability to blog...I hope...

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