Sunday, February 26, 2012


So I swear this is my last Christmas post, but it was a fun project, so I thought I may as well share it, even it if is vastly unseasonal :P
My wonderfully crafty friend Emma and I decided to throw a Christmas party and make our own bonbons.
 We bought a basic bonbon kit that included the cardboard cylinders, the crackers and some ribbons, and decided to go with a plain brown paper and decorate it ourselves, using stamps and red paint. This was a pretty long process but it meant that each person got their own, uniquely designed bonbon. 

 We also created colourful name tags for each person to add a bit more colour.

 Each bonbon included a newspaper hat (as pictured above), a crocheted snowflake (one of the ones that I posted about recently) a silly toy from bonbons past (I knew there a reason my mum saved the bonbon toys every year, hehe) and a handwritten joke, especially chosen and written out by Emma.
Emma and I get pretty in to Christmas, as demonstrated by our most Christmassy outfits! 
The aftermath. Like I said, putting together this many bonbons from scratch was an epic task, but people had fun with it and I would definitely do it again :)

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