Thursday, March 22, 2012

Little Things Thursday

Here are some little things that have been good this week...
1. Lenko Animal SweatersLenko, who make and stock all sorts of weird and wonderful clothes and accessories bring out a range of animals sweaters every year (a little bit up the alley of Brett from Flight of the Conchords, no). This week they announced which animals will be featured on this year's sweaters. Amongst the winning animals were lobster, pigeon, dachshund and chameleon, but my favourite of the bunch is definitely sea otter. Now saving my pennies for a sea otter sweater!

2. Solo. This arrived in the mail this week! It's volume 2 of Lizzy Stewart's illustrated diary called Solo and it's pretty and wonderful and pretty wonderful.

3. Galaxy nails tutorial from Nail Art 101. So very, very cool.

4. This article with photos of the 26 happiest animals in the world. We all need this in our lives.

5. Mexico by the Staves. Lovely lovely.

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