Thursday, March 1, 2012

Little Things

Collating some little things that have been good this week, in the hope that others will be able to share in the joy of little things that get you through the week.

 1. Pretty cupcakes! I got busy baking for my mum's birthday and found an amazing recipe for dark chocolate, orange and almond cupcakes. Simply scrumptious. Does anybody else have a favourite cupcake recipe?
2. Hot chocolate in my favourite happy-sheep-wearing-wellingtons mug. Also adore the pretty Crabtree and Evelyn hot choc packaging.

3. The China Glaze Hunger Games movie tie in! So excited about this incredible series of books, the upcoming movie and pretty much everything associated. Capitol Couture for the win!

4. These incredible nails!

5. This song by this guy.

What have been your happy little things this week?

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