Saturday, March 31, 2012

Pastel Easter Egg Manicure Tutorial

Tomorrow's April 1st, which means it will be Easter faster than you can say 'hot cross buns', so how about an Easter Egg manicure tutorial? 

Step 1: Gather your colours and materials. I'm using Mellow Yellow by Sally Hansen, Shine On by Kit, and Sweet Pea by Australis. I thought pastels would look cute for Easter eggs (although the yellow might be a little bright to really be considered a pastel. I would also have liked a white to do some dots, but alas I didn't have one.) I've also got scotch tape, a Sally Hansen nail art pen, a tooth pick and a small paintbrush (although I imagine a nail striper would have been better, but alas again, I don't own one). 

 Step 2: Paint all your nails your chosen base colour and allow to dry (I'm so very messy with my nail polish, hehe). And do make sure that they are COMPLETELY dry, to avoid making the mistake that I made, and prematurely putting tape on my nail. What a mess that was!

Step 3: Take a piece of scotch tape and cut curved shape that roughly follows the curve of your nail, to create the stripes of the Easter egg. Place about a fifth of the way down your nail and press the edges firmly down so the second colour of polish won't seep underneath. 

Step 4: Paint on your second colour and gently peel off the tape. The next thing I did was flip the tape around so I could paint a second curved stripe at the top of my nail, as pictured above. 

 Step 5: More stripes and dots! I used a paintbrush to create this middle stripe, so it's not as neat, but you could definitely do it with tape if you had the patience, which I didn't, haha. Using my third colour, I then added in dots using a toothpick.
Step 6: Experiment! The great thing about Easter eggs is they come in all sorts of gorgeous colours and patterns, so I had a bit of fun varying the size of the stripes, and got my nail art pen involved to do some zigzags as well. 

 Step 7: Seal with a quick drying top coat and enjoy!

Apologies for the messiness of my nails. I tend to be incapable of painting my nails without also painting a good portion of my skin as well. Sadly, my supply of nail polish colours is fairly limited, so I'm not too sure about this result. I think some more delicate pastel shades such as pinks and blues might have looked more Eastery, so I'd love to see if anyone tries this out in different colours!



  1. We are loving pastels right now and these are so adorable!
    Our Beautify It Monday link party is open now and we'd love for you to link this up!

    1. Oh thanks so much! I just linked it over at your lovely link party :)