Thursday, May 3, 2012

Little Things Thursday

Little happy-making, fun and inspiring things for a Thursday...
1. Sweet lady stylings - This week I stumbled upon the Chic Department, a tumblr dedicated to photos of lovely lady outfits. Mmm, I look forward to spending many hours pouring over this.

2. Cosmic Bangles! Loving these cosmic wood bangles from Voz Clothing and Art, and with galaxy print being 'so hot right now' what better time to invest in some...ohhh to have endless expendable to spend on bangles.

3. Looking forward to trying this lovely hairstyle from Latest Hairstyles. I get frequently get quite bored by my hair, so it's always nice to find new style ideas.

4. It's a parcel kind of day - Snail mail forever! Especially parcels! There were these 3 waiting by the door this morning for my various family members, followed by another in the letter box this afternoon. It's like getting presents and it's making me a little addicted to online shopping...

5. Farewell this House - Jackson McLaren. I've loved this song for a while, but rediscovered it this week. It's always so nice rediscovering old song loves :) 

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