Thursday, May 10, 2012

Little Things Thursday

1. New music from old bands -  Guys, Ben Folds Five are doing a new album! That's not necessarily news specific to this week, but it sure is a little thing to get excited about.

2. Learning things - I'm doing a short course this week, which I shall post about in more detail later, but hey, who doesn't love adding more things into their basket of 'Mad Skillz'?

3. Old friends - I got to catch up with this bunch of ridiculous and lovely ladies this week. Believe it or not, we've all been friends since primary school and we still have just as much fun together now as we did back then. In fact, I think we're becoming increasingly silly the older we get, as evidenced by this photo. It was extra special that we got to catch up, as Isabelle now lives in Queensland and was only in Melbourne for a fleeting visit. Do you have any friends you've known forever who still bring out the kid in you?

4. Funnies - This gave me a good laugh by combining to of my favourite things from recent times, hipster based humour and the Hunger Games.

5. Josh Pyke - Only pretty much my favourite musician. I'm going to see him perform tomorrow night, so in the mean time, here's an extra special performance of 'Love Lies' from his new album. *Sigh*

What little things have brought a smile to your face this week?

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