Saturday, June 2, 2012

Where Are All My Crochet Hooks?! - DIY Crochet Hook Pouch

 I am forever losing my crochet hooks! It's really quite frustrating, but I have put it down to the fact that I have nowhere to keep them. I therefore decided to make a little pouch for them. 
It's super simple, pretty much a pencil case type thing, that you could keep anything in, really. I used this really helpful tutorial from over at Skip to My Lou (and modified it a little) to help me work out how to do the zip and lining. I'm an extremely novice sewer, so I'm just going to do a quick run down of what I did here, but for a more detailed version that might actually make sense, definitely check out the Skip to My Lou tutorial!

I picked these fabrics, the zigzags for the outside and diamonds for the lining from the wonderful selection I have collected from Patchwork on Central Park

I then cut four pieces of fabric (two for the outer, two for the lining), measuring approximately 23x11 cm. 

 You then need to sew the zip between the lining and outer, by sandwiching it in between two pieces, right sides facing each other, like so. 

 Pin these pieces together, sew it all up, and repeat, sewing the other two pieces to the other side of the zip.

 Once you've finished, you should be able to open it out into something that looks somewhat like this...

Then, lay both the outer pieces right side to right side, and both the lining pieces right side to right side, and sew around all the edges, leaving a gap of 7 or so centimetres so you can turn it out the right way when you're done. Make sure the zip's open before you sew, or you won't be able to turn it out!
 All sewn up!
 And voila, there we have it!
 Mine's actually not quite finished at this stage, as my zip wasn't long enough, so I ended up hand sewing the ends of the zip together. 
I hope some of that made sense! And I hope I will now be able to locate my crochet hooks, although I suppose that depends on whether I actually manage to put them back in the pouch after I've used them...this seems unlikely. 
 At the moment my pouch isn't very full and it's pretty wide, so I'm considering adding a little button, so it can fold in half. I will update if I do!


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