Friday, August 10, 2012

Little Things Thursday (But on a Friday, do please forgive me)

Some little things that have been good this week...

1. Movies! This week I saw Griff the Invisible and I Am Eleven, two Australian movies. A lot of Australian cinema cops a bit of flack for being, well...rather mediocre, but there are certainly some gems out there amongst it all. Griff the Invisible was offbeat, visually engaging and generally pretty great. I completely feel like I live in my own bubble sometimes too! 
Genevieve Bailey, the lovely lady behind I Am Eleven came to talk to my 'freelancing in the arts' class about her adventures making this movie last year, so I was keen to see how it turned out and she's really   captured some pretty wonderful moments. Definitely work a little look-see I think :) *Sigh* I miss being 11.   

2. I definitely wouldn't mind a pair of these hand printed Strathcona Stockings to pretty things up for the impending spring!

3. I 100% NEED this Van Gogh Starry Night fabric from Spoonflower in my life. In the immediate future. Seriously, I'm holding my breath until I can get my greedy little hands on it.

4. Lizzy Stewart's Solo is always so comforting. It's so great to know that I'm NOT THE ONLY ONE WHO IS LIKE THIS! ( great that is really did need a lot of capitals). 

5. Mumford and Sons brought out a new song this week. It's pretty classic Mumford, with lots of knee-slapping banjo. Folk-tacular!

Have you enjoyed some of these little things this week? Or different little things? Please do share, one can never have enough little things!

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