Sunday, August 19, 2012

Where the Wild Things Are Crown

This is my friend Anna. Anna is a creative genius (in case you can't tell by her mad facial expression). You could give her a stick and a piece of string and while absent-mindedly fiddling with them, she will create something beautiful and whimsical and far, far more incredible than what most people could create if they actually tried! Damn you Anna! She's the kind of person who's talent you would be viciously envious of, if she weren't far to nice and lovely to ever be jealous of.
The thing that prompted me to post about Anna and her creative genius, is that she recently made her own 'Where the Wild Things Are' wolf-suit onesie, from scratch, with no pattern, in a mere day. Just made it up out of nowhere! How can one person have so much talent, I ask you?!
However, Anna did not have time to make a crown, so I decided that I would make one for her and officially crown her 'Queen of the Creatives'. 

I took inspiration from this pattern I found over at Small Things, and adapted it to look more like Max's crown.
It was ridiculously easy, basically just cut and sew two pieces of felt together and join with elastic!
 And voila! Let the wild rumpus begin!

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