Sunday, October 21, 2012

Finders Keepers Spoils!

I'm guessing many of you out there in Melbourne based craft-blog-land would have made the trip to the wonderful Finders Keepers market this weekend. With so much fun to be had and so many pretty, colourful, shiny things to ogle at, who could resist!

I may have gone on a little bit of a spree. As much as I love Finders Keepers, it's not particularly great for the wallet...

I picked up a copy of the extra special issue 50 of frankie and oh my goodness, who else is madly in love with the embossed cover that looks like it's actually embroidered?! Happy 50th frankie!

On top of that, I also picked up three necklaces (I'm not sure what possessed me to buy so many necklaces, now I just have cute-accessory induced angst because I can't wear them all at once >:( ), and this adorable mini-colloage kit that I picked up from the Hello Polly stall.

These two little ceramic necklaces came from  Meow Girl. She has so many tiny uber-kitschtastic animals, it was *agonising* trying to pick! I could quite easily wear an entire zoo around my neck, but I couldn't go past the fox. 

And this ridiculously sweet little spool of thread, in my favourite, favourite colour came from Days of August, who was a super nice lady!

Other highlights included seeing Dawn TanCatherine CampbellCat Rabbit and Miss Foo, whose work is somewhat like if Beatrix Potter went to the circus and then went mad with sequins - in the most awesome way possible. Also had a brief chat with Emily Green, who, when I told her my chain on my own Emily Green necklace had broken didn't hesitate to say she'd me a new one, free of charge! She was so very lovely. It really was like the A-list of Melbourne crafters/designers/artists.  

Did you go to Finders Keepers and see all the fun and funky things? Do you ever get cute-accessory induced angst? 

Happy days!

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