Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas Tree!

We got our Christmas tree on the weekend! Yay! We always go out to the Christmas tree farm and choose get a real one. It smells amazing and makes everything feel just a bit more Christmassy. Our tree is always very eclectic with decorations we've collected from over the years. I don't really go in for colour schemes or unity or anything like when decorating the tree, but I like the mish-mash of collected decorations, as it makes it more personal. My dog seemed to think that watching me decorate the tree was very hard work indeed and that she must therefore take a nap right in front of it.
Later the same night, we arrived home to find these three snails crawling across our floor, and I'm assuming they hitched a ride from the Christmas tree farm to our house within the branches of the tree, hehe.
Hope everyone out there in internet land is having fun preparing for Christmas!

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