Sunday, December 5, 2010

Exciting News! - The Friendship Tree

So here's the afore mentioned exciting crafty news - does anyone know the Friendship Tree in Northcote? Well they are now selling some of my pieces! Yay! (It's my first time properly selling stuff in a proper shop, so I'm a little excited, haha.) The pieces for sale include some foxes, a brown bear and a giraffe (which have now all sold! Wow!) some polar bears, an owl and the sea dragon which have all featured on this blog at some point.
And quite apart from plugging my own work, I would highly recommend everyone heading down there just to check out the shop itself, because it is truly beautiful. You WILL think you've wondered into an enchanted forest, and WILL spend forever in there staring at all the beautiful, tiny treasures.
In other news, Chistmas time! All kinds of excitement today!

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