Thursday, March 15, 2012

DIY: frankie/A5 Patchwork Diary Cover - Part 2

 Here, dear reader, is part 2 of yesterday's frankie/A5 diary cover tutorial. Part 1 can be found here.

When we left off yesterday, we'd just measured and cut the fabric panels, and zigzag stitched around the edge of each panel to prevent the fabric from fraying. 
 Step 5: I pinned the panels with the coloured sides facing inwards and sewed them together, allowing approximately 1cm for the seam.
 Step 6: Once you have sewn all the panels together in the order you wish, (with the 15cm panels on either end), you should have something that looks a little like this (above). I then ironed the seams flat so they would sit nicely flush against the diary.
 Step 7: Next, I folded the excess fabric down so that it fit the height of the diary. However I would recommend leaving a tiny bit extra (but not too much!) so your diary fits snugly inside the cover (I left a little too much excess fabric at the top and bottom, so I had to trim some off before I sewed the hem).
Step 8: I then sewed the hems down at the top and bottom. Only one more step to go!
Step 9: Lastly, I reversed the cover, and folded the two edge panels over, about 7 or so centimetres, enough to create the flap to hold in the diary. I then sewed along the top of the flap, keeping very close to the outer edge of the fabric, again, so the cover would fit the diary very snugly. I then turned out these flaps and slipped the cover on the diary and...voila!
Again, I should reiterate that I am rather inexperienced on the sewing machine and at writing tutorials, so hope this made some amount of sense, and apologies if the instructions are unclear. Do let me know if you try it yourself, I'd love to see what you come up with!


  1. Oh wow!! What a wonderful result!!! Thanks for sharing the how-to :)

  2. Why thank you! :) Happy to share, thanks for reading!