Thursday, March 8, 2012

Floral Party Craft

My lovely friend Freya has a floral themed birthday party, so I got crafty for the event. 

I dug out some scarps of felt to make some flowers. I found that cutting out heart shapes and sewing the tips together was a fairly easy way to make a vaguely rose-shaped flower.

I also had to reteach myself some embroidery skills and sewed some french knots (is that what they're called) in yellow in the middle, to add a bit of detail.

I then attached the flowers to a headband to make a floral headdress. 

 I also had fun getting floral-y with the gift wrapping :)
Some floral decorations at the party
Myself, and some fancy, floral folk!
I adore themed parties, there simply aren't enough opportunities to dress up in everyday life! 

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