Thursday, March 29, 2012

Little Things Thursday

Here are some little things that have been good this week. What are your little things?
 1. Cute and yummy cake and hot chocolate from Servery and Spoon in East Malvern. How great are their takeaway cups?
 2. The Rescuers, which I bought for 20c at an op-shop. Such a good find. Are there any other 90s kids out there who remember this movie? It is endlessly incredible. 
3. I like New Girl. Specifically the Zooey Deschanel's wardrobe part of New Girl. If anyone can find this cardigan for me, I will be eternally grateful!

4. These little things inside lightbulbs by Nadia Tan are pure magic.

5. Lisa Mitchell released a new song this week! It's been a while since she's released anything, so I was pretty keen to hear it. It's called Spiritus, and I must say, while I wasn't sure about it at first, it's grown on me a lot. Super happy and catchy!

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