Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Things I Would Like

Howdy all, how has the start to your week been? In sort of news, I've started a new blog! It's called Things I Would Like, and as the title and description says, it's basically silly pictures I draw of silly things I would like. I'll try to update it fairly regularly, and it will have very little text, mainly just captions. I pretty much started it because I love drawing and painting but I never do it, because I spend far too much time agonising over what to draw, and the quality of the drawings, which I then usually hide away for fear they're not any good. So the aim of Things I Would Like is to ensure that I regularly draw (I suppose I really should call it doodling, given its very un-serious nature), no matter how silly or rough  around the edges. It's basically a blog where I'll play, and not pass judgement and spend hours agonising over what I'm producing, which is often such an inhibitor to people's creativity. So it is by no means supposed to be a fabulous illustration blog, but  with any luck, it might be a bit of fun. Anyway, enough rambling! Pop over and follow along if you like? Do you have any little exercises you use to help you stay creative?
A yellow dress with small polka dots.

A fox.

A sample of some things I would like!

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