Friday, April 20, 2012

Little Things Thursday (but actually very early on Friday morning...)

I've been failing at sticking to the Thursday thing lately, but here's a quick compilation of good things from this week!

1. Love this idea from Cottage in the Oaks! So simple, but so great and useful.

2. The new issue of frankie came out yesterday. Need I say more?

3. The sweet pea seeds I planted are coming along nicely. With any luck, they'll wind their way around this stand thingy and look spectacular. 

4. I saw Simon Amstell as he walked into a cafe in the city tonight. I lost my mind a bit, because I think he's funny and intelligent and a bit amazing. Here's a clip from his wonderful sitcom Grandma's House, that recently finished airing on ABC2. Did you see it?

Annnd, usually I would put a song that I've enjoyed this week here, but I'm a little short on musical inspiration at the moment. Have you been listening to anything good? Please do share, I badly need some new music!

Sorry this was rather a brief and messy post. Unfortunately, admin took over my day today!

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