Thursday, April 26, 2012

Little Things Thursday

1. Victoria Mason was selling these gorgeous 'Love Bubbles' necklaces at Finders Keepers on the weekend and they are also available online. I shall add one of these to the list of 'Things I Definitely Don't Need But Want Want Want!' also known as my pinterest account.

2. Nice comments from nice people - I got a couple of nice and unexpected comments on one of posts this weekend, which really made my day! I find it can feel a little like shouting into an abyss when blogging and not knowing if anyone's reading, so it always gives me such a boost to hear from nice people. One of the things I'm trying to do is comment a lot more on other people's blogs when they post something great or that resonates with me, to share the blog love. So, here's a hi, how are you and thanks a lot to anyone reading out there, I appreciate it!

3. HOW GREAT ARE THESE NAILS?! - Apologies, I really felt caps locks was necessary. I found them over at Adventures in Acetone and scarcely have I been so impressed by a nail design. They're inspired by two of my most favourite, beloved children's books, The Very Hungry Caterpillar and The Rainbow Fish. Any other fans out there?

4. A new trailer has been released for Pixar's next film, 'Brave'. Can't wait for this one!

5. I was lucky enough to see Passenger play again on Friday night (I shall refrain from posting his one of his songs, because I feel I do that a lot), and this guy was one of the support acts. His name is Lakyn Heperi, and he's actually a contestant on the Voice, but cynicism about reality TV talent shows aside, he was playing originals on Friday and I was hooked from the first song. This is one of his originals, 'Till My Soul'.

Hmm, so I rambled a lot today, sorry about that. What little things have been good in your life this week?

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