Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Red Panda Brooch

I'm pretty sure it's not too much of an outlandish statement to say that nobody doesn't appreciate red pandas. There fantastic, adorable and can play in snow like nobody's business. 
With that in mind, I decided to do some red panda inspired felting this week.
 I'm a big animal fan, and by extension, I quite like animal face brooches, so that's where this experiment ended up.
 I don't do wet felting very often, by my goodness it's fun getting to play with soap.
 It's looking quite a bit more like a cat at this stage...

 Below is the first one I made. I wasn't entirely happy with it, as it looked a little less adorable and a little more serious, and still a bit cat-like, so I had a second attempt.

I was happier with this one. I wore it to Finders Keepers and got a few nice comments from a few lovely people, so I'm thinking these will feature when I finally get around to opening my etsy store!


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  1. Very cute!
    Thanks for joining our Beautify It Monday Link Party!

    -Four Sisters