Monday, April 23, 2012

The People of Finders Keepers

Yesterday I said I'd say more about some of the wonderful stall holders at Finders Keepers over the weekend, and while I can only scratch the surface, as there were so many crazy talented people there, here goes! 
 Shortly after walking into the market and taking in the first couple of stalls, my friends and I became enamoured with all the business cards, which are pretty much works of art in themselves, so I began collecting, in the hope that one day, when I have endless supplies of money and my dream home (haha), I will be able to look up all these wonderful artists and designers and surround myself with their work.

Beautiful aren't they? I think my favourites are the Cottage Industry horse cross stitch, the Vintage Prints fox, and Victoria Masons cute triangles. 

And for those of use without the eagle eyes to read the cards (no thanks to my lacking photography skills), here is a list of links to all these lovely people. If you couldn't get to the market, I strongly encourage you to look a few up, they won't disappoint! Like I said this is only a tiny representation of the stalls there...and thanks goodness really, or I would have been linking forever!

Truth Be Told - Stationary and illustration
Emily Green - Fantastically colourful jewellery
Beneath the Sun - Homewares, stationary, print, potter
Love & Clutter - All sorts of gorgeous bits and bobs
The Mod Collective - Homewares and lovely porcelain
The Storybook Rabbit - Illustrations on crockery and jewellery
Hannakin - Illustrations and strange and wonderful creatures
Made by White - Laser cut jewellery
Gretel Girl - Illustration
Vintage Prints - Just as it sounds - vintage prints!
Sandra Eterovic - Illustration
Whiskers Lane - Super cute accessories, jewellery and ceramics
Bespoke Press - Stationary
Especially for You - Incredible kids clothes
Marcello Neckwear - Neckties and bow ties
The Gently Unfurling Sneak - Quirky prints
Victoria Mason - Wonderful jewellery
Cottage Industry - Knits, cushions, all sorts of fantastic things
Salvage and Selvedge - Gifts and homewares, that took a long time.

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