Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Animal Stories - Process

So here's a little bit of a run down as to how I went about creating the settings for my pictures for yesterday's Animal Stories Sparkapolooza brief

It was pretty simple, I basically just created two felted mats, a green grassy one, and a blue watery one. If you look closely at the green one, it's actually got little raised bits, which I added in to look like tiny hills or bumps in the grass. This was basically done by stretching and poking the felt just before it was fully felted. 

For both of these pieces I layered a lot of different colours of felt to create more interest and depth of colour. Below is the watery mat, just before I started felting it. 

And this is it after felting. Looks pretty different, hey?

 To get the little squiggly lines, I used some of these fun exciting new toys that I picked up from Open Drawer in Hartwell, including sari silk threads and silk tops, which I placed on top of the wool tops before felting so they would be incorporated into the felt. 
 Then the rest is pretty self-explanatory. I set up little scenes with my needle felted menagerie and got snap happy! 


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    1. Thanks, it was one of the first pieces I ever made! And thanks for the lovely comment :)