Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Perfect Picnic

It was probably the last of the sunny autumn days today in Melbourne and wasn't it gorgeous? I was lucky enough to be able to make the most of it by going on a brilliant picnic adventure in Hedgeley Dene (which is a great name if you ask me!) with one of my best and most wonderful friends.
 This is Cassidy's picnic set. Isn't neato? It reminds us both a bit of the case they keep the Quidditch balls locked up in, in Harry Potter. We are both massive Potterheads, so we think of such things. 
 Cass and I have been friends since we were 9 years old, which makes it about 13 years. Which makes me feel old (which is probably ridiculous) and warm and fuzzy at the same time.
 We drank tea! And also listened to a proper BBC radio play, Cabin Pressure that has Benedict Cumberbatch in it and I would highly recommend it. Much hilarity and Britishness. 

 I did a lot of admiring of the local wildlife, as I so love to do.

Cassidy said it looked like there was a tree growing out of my head, hence the face I am pulling. 
 We brought blankets to keep us warm, and I crocheted while Cassidy wrote. She's going to be a star author one day, so keep an eye out for her debut novel!

 The local wildlife converged upon us in search of food, and we span around, because we are five. 

 And there are black cockatoos in Hedgeley Dene. Who knew?
 Dove love. 

Cassidy said she felt she like she was dressed up like a Londoner being sent off to the countryside during the war, hehe.
It was pretty much the perfect picnic afternoon! Did you do anything to make the most of the sunshine today?

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