Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Crochet Hearts

I found this lovely little ball of red/pink ombre cotton buried somewhere in my house and thought I'd try it out by making a few crocheted hearts!

 This is a pretty standard patten that I've seen around a few times. I followed the one from here, but I failed pretty hard at this one. It's not supposed to have a hole in the middle...oops!
This one was worked in a spiral. Mine looks a bit blobish, I really need to work on getting the shape more heart-like, but the pattern really easy to work with. Patten from here.
 I think this pattern from A Foothill Home Companion is by far my favourite of the ones I tried. It looks super cute with the ombre cotton. But as you can still see, my heart's are still a little wonky...apparently I'm not great at crocheting hearts. But I will work on, because I have dreams of creating crochet heart garlands! And there are so many more great patterns out there! 
What have you crocheted lately?

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