Friday, May 25, 2012

Picnic Outfit

 So, I'm about to do my first ever outfit post! And I'm a little afraid. I've long been admiring outfit posts on many other blogs, and it's always something I've wanted to do, but haven't for several reasons. Firstly, because I lack a tripod/blog buddy to take photos of me (I feel weird asking other people to take my photo, is that just me?). Secondly, full length photos of myself? Arrrgh, please no!
And thirdly, I often dress like someone who has escaped from the circus, tried to dress in 'Muggle' clothes and given up halfway through. I'm talking blatant disregard for matching colours and patterns and fashion rules. Blue and green without something in between? Yep, I'll go there, I'm out of control!...but I digress... I'm obsessed with clothes and want to join in the outfit fun, so without further ado, this is the outfit I wore to a picnic on Wednesday.
I must say I'm a bit in love with this skirt. I picked it up for a fairly reasonable price at i.d.s. It's the first really long skirt I've ever owned and I have to say it's greaaaat. None of the usual skirt/dress issues, like worrying about it riding up if you bend over, or not being able to cross your legs if you sit down, and it's so flowy and comfortable! I am officially a long skirt convert. 
And it's super fun to spin around in, which is fantastic, if, like me, you are also secretly 5 years old.

Skirt - i.d.s
T-shirt - a cheap, plain white one, from Target I think.
Cardigan - Country Road
Belt - Op shop win!
Necklace -  Emily Green
Boots - Wittner
Scarf - handmade by my mother when she was my age, then banished to a cupboard for many years, and recently commandeered by me.
I also picked up these socks, just visible above my boots, at Bend and Snap market in Melbourne for the terrific bargain price of $5. Sadly you can't see them here, but they're super amazingly colourful. 

And that concludes my first ever outfit post! I hope that wasn't too strange and rambling... Happy Friday all!


  1. good for you! i love how your outfit is a fun cross between winter and summer. i can't even tell what time of year it is, lol. great little necklace too :)

    1. Haha, that's because I live in Melbourne, Australia and we have very unpredictable weather. Our autumn can be summer one minute and winter the next! Thanks for your lovely comment! :)