Saturday, June 23, 2012

Colourful Winter Outfit/Me Looking Super Awkward in Photos Post!

Whey-hey! I'm loving the fact that colour is in right now. Seriously, I've been waiting my whole life for colour to be in and I'm certainly not going to pass up this opportunity to escape the usual Melbourne winter uniform of black, black, black, and instead, dress like the colour-mad fool that I am!
And it's oh so easy now that there are so many coloured winter knits to choose from!
Cardigan/Scarf - I picked both of these up from Sportsgirl. I couldn't pass up the opportunity to be both toasty warm and incredibly brightly coloured. Winter win!
Boots - not that you can see the that well here, but these are my horse riding boots from about 10 years ago (gosh I'm getting old!) when I used to ride. I found them in the back of a cupboard the other day, and was nicely surprised when I realised that they're completely in fashion now, and my hoarding has payed off. It just goes to show you should never throw anything out...ever...Also I'm saving them for when someone finally gives me that pony I've been asking for...*sigh*.

 Key necklace - Kitte
I've also got my Sarah McNeil brooch on, and a little pink fox brooch that I picked up in Sorrento a few years ago. Alas I can't remember the maker's name. 
 This is my second ever outfit post, so, apologies for looking super awkward in the photos. Honestly these were the least awkward ones, if you can believe it. But I was having too much fun with my colours not to share!
My watch is a Swatch and my bracelet a gift from a wonderful friend, and, well, combined with the colour of the room they kind of showoff my current obsession with teal. 
Sooo, these are the silly things I'm wearing. Do you love experimenting with colours too? I'd love to see!

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  1. Hey Cath,

    I found your blog via Yes, Teaher! And I might add that I quite enjoyed it, being an Australian myself. :)