Sunday, July 8, 2012

Gold Galaxy Nail Tutorial

Hello blog! I'm so sorry I've been neglecting you recently. I'm just struggling to find time between working endlessly and fitting in sleep and meals and other such things. And to make matters worse, my guest post went up on Yes, Teacher! yesterday! Which is in itself a very nice thing, and I have to thank Sarah for giving people the opportunity to contribute to her blog, and congratulate her on the birth of her baby boy William! However, it meant that a few more people visited my very neglected blog. Which again is a very nice thing, and super thanks to those who decided to follow along! However I feel kind of like I've had guests drop in and the house is a mess and I can't even offer them biscuits and tea. So my apologies! I'm desperately trying to get things cleaned up and back on track around here. So how about a quick nail tutorial? (alas, it's not even a very good nail tutorial. I'm falling apart at the seams here blog!)

So this is my attempt at a 'gold galaxy' manicure. There are plenty of galaxy nail tutorials out there that are far, far better than this one, but I mainly wanted to experiment with the gold. I'm not really happy with how the actual 'galaxy' part turned out, but it was my first attempt so I can definitely work at it more for next time. So maybe think of this more as ideas and inspiration than a proper tutorial!

I'm using a bunch of colours I picked up from Sportsgirl, which is what inspired to try this out in the first place. I mean, have you ever seen a gold so shiny?! So here we have Sportsgirl 'All That Glitters', 'Debut', 'Denim', a shimmery blue that I've had for years, and Sally Hansen 'White On'. I also used a make-up sponge and a skewer for dotting. 

 First off, I painted all my nails in two coats of dark blue and allowed them to try enough to put the tape on. 
I put the tape across at varying angles, and did two coats of gold. Fortunately this gold is pretty strong and showed up reasonably well over the blue, but I guess it might have been better to do blue over gold. But it always gets complicated and messy with tape manis!...which is probably because I'm super novice, but oh well.
 Next, I sponged a little of the shimmery, lighter blue in a wide, diagonal line across the nail, to add a bit of depth to the galaxy look. This is where I think I went wrong in achieving a really good galaxy look, as I was afraid the sponging was going to ruin it so I really held back. However, most of the tutorials I've seen really sponge a lot of lighter colour on there, so if I did it again, I'd certainly sponge more and maybe try and blend with the darker blue. 
 I then used the skewer to create 'stars' of various sizes...

 And finished off with a goat of 'All That Glitters'. Again, I think if I tried this again, I would use a coat of really fine gold glitter, as I think the dots of big glitter here compete with the stars. 
I must also apologise for the fact that by the time I had time/day light to properly photograph my nails, they'd chipped a little.

 So there we have it, a super novice, super messy manicure, that might hopefully give someone out there some inspiration. Let me know if it does!

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