Monday, July 16, 2012

Open Drawer Yarn Bombing

I'm lucky enough to get to do some work at Open Drawer, and last week Robyn (one of the owners) and I essentially yarn bombed the window display. I got to spend an entire day playing with bits of knitting and crochet and sewing them around branches that we eventually arranged into this knit/crochet haven. I kind of want to climb inside the window display and crochet there forever. 
Do you ever go to Open Drawer? I'd definitely recommend checking it out if only to further marvel at the gorgeous crochet bunting! Alas, I forget the name of the artist who made it, but it is far more lovely when examined up close! So tiny! So soft! So colourful!
Have you ever yarn bombed anything? Wouldn't the world be far better if everything were yarn bombed? I can only conclude that yes, indeed it would.
(Images courtesy of the OpenDrawer facebook page)

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