Thursday, September 20, 2012

Bits and Bobs!

Blogging and being crazy busy don't go hand in hand. So here is a post of little bits and bobs until I can get my act together and do a proper post!

 Pretty wool felt is pretty - from Open Drawer

Cute breakfast is cute - at Peninsula Pantry is cute package! I'm addicted to online shopping largely because of the cute packaging that the cute things arrive in.

 I'm also making another owl...

and watching bits of the Edinburgh festival on youtube and planning my fantasy trip to the festival next year. Who else is in? (...also, there are magnets in the top of my computer, which I have discovered are great for sticking needles to so I don't lost them on my bed. Probably not what the magnets were originally designed for, but hey, if it stops me losing needles, I'm all for it!)

Some finished photos of the owl coming soon!
What bits and bobs have you been working on?

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