Sunday, September 23, 2012

Gryffindor Owl

I decided to have another go at the pattern in the beautiful 'Owl Know How' book to make another super cute owl! I used some of the loverly wool felt from Open Drawer, so I think this one turned out a little nicer than my last attempt.

I made him for my friend Jess' birthday, and she's a total Potter-nerd (three cheers for Potter-nerds!) so I thought I'd give it a little Gryffindor twist, and I went for subdued Gryffindor colours, dusty pink and pale yellow...

He's still a little flat here!

And here he is all filled out and with his Gryffindor scarf. Go Gryffindor go!

I'm a fan of the layered wing feathers. 

Jess decided to call him 'Errol' after the Weasley's old owl. Let's hope he holds up a little better than Errol did though!

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