Sunday, October 7, 2012


Has anyone seen Submarine? 
I watched it a couple of weeks ago and love, love, loved it!
So much so that it inspired me to draw. I think one major sign of a good piece of art/music/film/theatre is if it inspires you to create something yourself.
In this case, I did this silly little alternate movie poster. As you can tell, I really am QUITE the amateur artist, hehe. But I adored the blue duffle coat that featured in the film (I have one quite similar myself) and the whole ocean metaphor, so that was my inspiration here.
Have you seen Submarine? What did you think? I think Richard Ayoade should direct more films!

I also did this silly drawing based on Pixar's latest short film that accompanied Brave, La Luna. 
La Luna was *breathtaking*! I was on the edge of my seat, mouth agape the entire time, just wishing I could live in that world. *Sigh* I want so badly to work for Pixar when I grow up!

Have you seen any art or theatre or films or heard any music that's made you want to create recently? Do share!

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