Saturday, August 31, 2013

Making, Wishing, Waiting

This post was inspired by 'Taking Stock' from over at Meet me at Mikes. Pip is an excellent source of posting inspiration! Happy Saturday y'all!

Making : a crocheted ripple baby blanket from this pattern
Cooking : lots, and mainly wintery soups. This super easy tomato soup is my particular fave right now.
Drinking : french earl grey tea, ginger tea, white tea, rose tea, berry tea... So. Much. Tea. Oh, and hot-chocolate of course. Always with one white and one pink marshmallow. 
Reading: Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking, by Susan Cain. 

Wanting: to have naps built in to my daily routine. I'll pitch the idea to my boss.
Looking: forward.
Playing: on Pottermore... like a huge nerd.
Wasting: time procrastinating, stressing and worrying about silly little things.
Sewing: beetles. I'm learning to embroider all over again.

Wishing: I had it all figured out.
Enjoying: a sunny winter's afternoon off work.
Waiting: for series 3 of Sherlock... again, like a huge nerd.
Liking: music from Patrick James. I saw him supporting Josh Pyke at the Corner recently. Lovely.
Wondering: how it is that time keeps flying by so quickly?! Make it stop!
Loving: the feeling of anticipation that comes with the first lot of warm, spring weather
Hoping: that everything turns out ok.
Marvelling: that it can be blue skies *and* hailing at the same time. Oh, Melbourne weather, you strange creature.
Needing: to clear out all the clutter that I hoard. 
Smelling: fresh basil. Mmmm!
Wearing: this cute Frenchy tee from Bingo Betty.

Noticing: all the dust in my room.
Knowing: that there's a whole lot I don't know!
Thinking: about so many different things that my head's spinning.
Bookmarking: ideas for Christmas craft. Yep, it's that time already!
Opening: packages and parcels. 
Giggling: at series 1 of the IT Crowd all over again. 
Feeling: permanently confused, but I think I'm managing to muddle my way through.

Did Pip's post inspire you to do your own too? Let me know, I'd love to read yours!


  1. Those beetles are amazing Cath

    1. Why thank you! I'm enjoying rediscovering embroidery, it's like drawing, but with thread :)