Thursday, September 5, 2013

Little Things Thursday

Yay, it's Little Things Thursday time! Here are some little discoveries that brightened my week, made me giggle, and gave me warm fuzzy feelings...
1. I have a total artist crush on Anna Bond and her gorgeous, whimsical illustrations. Not to mention her floral iPhone cases, which are almost enough to make me want an iPhone. So. Pretty.

2. I completely adore this incredible range of fauna inspired ceramics from Nicholas John Frith. When I have my own house and crockery, everyone shall eat from fauna plates and drink from fauna mugs!

3. I love dogs. But I never knew how much I loved weird, ceramic, pin-cusion dogs, or dogs in cups until now. Behold, these bizarre and wonderful creatures from Eleonor Bostrom. I definitely need a pin-cusion dog in my life. Available from her etsy store.

4. This completely breathtaking crochet from Jung Jung. Stunning!

5. And lastly, 'Bugs', from the uber talented Patrick James. I can't wait to hear more music from this guy!

What little things have brightened up your week? Do share! :-)

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