Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Moving Day

Some relocating has been going on for the last couple of days - specifically my family has been relocating from one beachy place to another. Which was quite exciting and a lot of hard work and...suffice it to say, I ate A LOT of chocolate today. And I really mean a lot. Like, quite seriously, send help, I think I might need some sort of chocolate support group. 
I have terrible spatial awareness, there's just no way I could ever be a mover. All that truck Tetris they have to play...
Moving day got a little weird a certain points, mainly when I realised I was moving a basket of sadly deceased sea creatures...

I'm lucky enough to have this space in the new beachy place, which is fantastically teal and I'm quite enamoured with it. I shall be updating with much photo spam as I decorate it!

There was also a nice splash of colour around on the Peninsula.

And of course, some shells, which I uncovered in the move.

Now, who else wants to join the Chocoholic Support Group?

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